Having internet issues so grumpily doing some warm ups.

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Finally putting more layers into Ariel. #Disney #littlemermaid #painting

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It’s been a really busy last few weeks what with working on this new comic project and all but I’m finding time to squeeze in some illustration work. So here is a very early w.i.p.

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they outlawed this move just because she was the only woman who could do it. 

Surya Bonaly was infamous for (among other things) doing aone blade backflip in the 1998 Olympics, and is the ONLY figure skater who’s ever pulled that off. Not just the only woman, the only figure skater PERIOD. There’s like all ofthree Olympic-class male skaters who did backflips in their routines, and NONE of them could do it one blade.

But wait, there’s more.

Backflips were banned from the 1976 Olympics onward on the official justification that skating jumps are supposed to be landed on one blade, whereas backflips are landed on both blades. The unofficial justification was it was too dangerous, both to the athlete and to the rink — if you didn’t land it perfectly, you could not only break your ankle, but also punch THROUGH the ice surface.

Surya Bonaly was openly contemptuous of the figure skating judges, because they were a bunch of openly racist white men who always screwed her over by giving her lower scores than she deserved. That one-blade backflip was her ultimate FUCK YOU! to the Olympics judges, because she took an “illegal” backflip and made it legal by landing it on one blade. Pretty much DARING them to mark her down for being epic awesome and pulling a move that their precious coddled white girls didn’t have the guts to even think about.

They did, of course. White racism knows no bounds. But she utterly owned them with that move.

not only did she do a fucking backflip and land, she landed then went right into a triple loop. like holy fuck

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I’m sorry - not my usual stuff - but this is incredibly important. Please share around. It could save someone’s life.

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 I’ve  never seen these all together, so I thought I’d put them in a photoset. Made by the fantastic Kendra Wells on the Toast.

Well, go head, then, Kendra Wells! 

I love these!

im nervous yet aroused

these are so awesome

Tips to live by.

i will reblog this every time

Almost done. Really need a desk lamp so I can see what I’m doing in the evening. Will be available to buy original on etsy soon! #daryl #walkingdead #artforsale

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Who on earth could this be? I’ll give you a hint #walkingdead

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She is almost done! As lame as it may be I love the shine from the gold ink. Will be up for sale shortly on my etsy. #captainmarvel #marvel #pinup #artforsale

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A Megan Lara inspired self-portrait :3 You should go check her out if you haven’t already!

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The current bane of my existence in a poorly lit studio! #captainmarvel #pinup #fanart

Experimenting to see if my printer can handle a certain type of paper and success! Meaning I get to ink this again on a larger scale. Would like to color traditionally and put up for sale/auction would anyone be interested? #captainmarvel #marvel #pinup #artforsale

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More warm up/break ink sketch things #wolverine #marvel #xmen

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Got carried away with the last ink practice so decided to colour! Though to be fair I’m probably going to end up colouring it traditionally and putting it up for sale somewhere. Stay tuned!

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Finally got around to inking on this new super smooth paper! #captain marvel #pinup #marvel #fanart

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