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The latest Beltling is a custom order for a friend who wanted it done before AnthroCon :3 hopefully she shall be sporting this little monster all weekend!! So you better pester her and tell her how awesome it is and that you want one so she can tell you where she got it!! yeah!!! all that!!!

I found another Monfur in my office today. This is Pinky, she’s found a new home on my belt and likes to nom on my phone. You can find other Monfurs here:

I’ve been a little inactive on the blog lately but no need to fret! I have been working! I have been bringing up these little critters, Monfurs! They like to chow-down on your phone sized accessories and hang around on your belt! 

As they multiply I will eventually need to find them all new homes, so stay tuned for further updates here: